Bees are one of the most beloved insects on the planet, and possess unmatched crop pollination abilities. Their specialized adaptations have dazzled scientists and enthusiasts for centuries. However, these celebrated insects are disappearing at concerning rates. The reasons have much to do with modern agriculture.

The Rusty Patched Bumblebee, A once common species, was listed as federally endangered in 2017, after Populations declined by about 87 percent in 20 years¹ . Following urgent petitions signed by food safety and conservation groups in June 2019, four native bumblebees were added to the California Endangered Species List² ³. Honey bee surveys commissioned…

The shadowy events behind DuPont’s, now infamous PFOA contamination scandal tell a stranger-than-fiction story of poison, pollution, cover-ups, and lawsuits. In recent years, the company has landed in hot water for improper disposal of the toxigenic chemical outside of manufacturing plants in working-class communities like Parkersburg, West Virginia. Inside the corporation’s now public internal documents lie shocking secrets, including human experiments, public endangerment, and decades of unfathomable pollution.

The exposure of DuPont has been traced back to the 1990s with a West Virginia cattle farmer named Wilbur Tennant. …

Briana Lombard

Writer, Researcher and Civil Servant Reporting on Environmental Responsibility

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